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To Anyone Who Wants To Get Certified As A Bollywood Dance Teacher But Have No Idea How….

“Revealed! How You Can Attract More Bollywood Dance Students, Gain Respect As An Established Bollywood Dance Instructor, And Increase Your Income In As Fast As 3 Short Months!” The Best Part? You Get To Learn Directly From The One And Only Ultra-Successful Superstar Bollywood Dance Queen… ‘Honey Kalaria’!

Take your dancing to a whole new level!

First, let me ask you a few simple questions…

1. Do you love Bollywood dance and wish you could teach the artform in the near future, whilst ACHIEVING RECOGNITION and EARNING A COMFORTABLE LIVING from it?

2. Do you want to MAXIMIZE YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL and succeed as a QUALIFIED BOLLYWOOD PROFESSIONAL in the industry so that you can BOOST YOUR INCOME to a whole new level?

3. Do you wish to TEACH BOLLYWOOD DANCE in addition to what you teach currently, add stunning Bollywood moves to your CHOREOGRAPHY or interested to GAIN NEW DANCE KNOWLEDGE as part of your career development?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then congrats, because this is that big break that you have been waiting for! I know just how hard it is to tackle and hustle in the dance industry day in and day out wondering if doing what you love can bring you more fame and fortune after all that hard work that you’ve put in. Yes, it can get really confusing at times and downright frustrating as you ransack your brain trying to think of more ways to attract additional students to help you pay your bills.

That’s right, thousands of dancers around the globe are struggling to make a name for themselves and quite frankly, it’s getting harder by the day because the level of competition is rapidly rising. If you do not have any sort of ‘Leverage’ up your sleeves, you are going to have a hard time standing out from the crowd. The Good News Is… I’ve been through these same exact problems that you are likely facing right now, and I was able to pull through and turn myself into a well-respected, well-known and well-established Bollywood Ambassador in the UK.

Hi, my name is Honey Kalaria… and you may have heard about me or seen me in the Media, Bollywood films or TV shows working as a choreographer, artist or an actress. Or you may have heard of my dance school Honey’s Dance Academy, a leading dance academy in the UK, which ran over 20 centres across the country since 1997. Yes, over the years, I’ve managed to make a name for myself and became an advisory member of the National Dance Council, worked with examining dance bodies to help raise dance standards and staged many fundraising and high profile events, while actively promoting the Bollywood Dance, art and culture here in the west! I even broke a ‘Guinness World Record’, received multiple awards as a celebrity, and authored my best-selling E-Book, “The Bollywood Bible”.

Helping Transform Lives

But this isn’t about me… in fact, this is really about you. You see… my vast success and experience can be your GAIN!

Let Me Explain...

Over the years, not only have I secured my name in the Bollywood Dance limelight… I’ve also found success as a mind, body, soul coach for other dance enthusiasts right here in the UK. The thing is, I found that my vast knowledge and skills have consistently proved to be very useful to all my dance students, consulting clients and people just love the results that they see from my coaching programs. However, I also realized that I could be helping more people to become a successful Bollywood Dance Teacher, Instructor or Dance School owner.

And that is why I made up my mind and created.

The Bollywood Dance Success Program!

This is my most powerful 12-week pogram conducted online and it will fast track your own success as a Bollywood Dance Teacher in the quickest way possible. In this program, I will provide you massive value in terms of my personal knowledge and skills to take you from where you are today and start living the life of your dreams as an established Bollywood Dance Expert! I break everything down into 12 easy to understand modules so that you can learn everything in an organized step-by-step manner.

Here’s What These 12 Week Modules Look Like:

Professional Bollywood Dance Teacher syllabus will cover the following areas:

Module 1Welcome To The Bollywood Dance Teacher Training Program

Module 2Discover History of The Bollywood Industry

Module 3Skills you need, to add the wow factor to the Bollywood Art Form

Module 4 Gain an awesome overview of Indian Classical and Folk Dance Styles

Module 5 Increase your knowledge of Bollywood Films, Music and Dance Choreography

Module 6In depth training and insight of Anatomy and Physiology for Dancers

Module 7The secret behind good Warm Ups and Cool Downs

Module 8 - Code of Practice for Professional Teachers of Dance & International Work Opportunities

Module 9Proven Strategies and techniques for Goal Setting, PR & Marketing for Dance Teachers

Module 10Best ways of Maximizing income and Automating your Business systems

Module 11 A laser focused plan to prepare Assignments, Review Content & Portfolio Submission

Module 12Empowered with full confidence, Register Assessment application with Professional Examining Dance Body

Within these 12 modules, you’ll learn everything you need to know

But That’s NOT ALL!

You’ll Also Get Access To My...

  • Bollywood Dance Success Resources Vault

  • Tips to properly market, and expand your dance school and profit from your dance empire.

  • Tips, Advice, Articles, Research, Music downloads, Recommended Products, Useful Services & ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ Development Content

  • Exclusive guest Interviews & library of archived content – Podcasts & Videos

  • Step By Step Online Bollywood Dance Training, Routines, and Choreography

  • Multiple Mini Video Series such as “Bollywood Opportunities” and “Working With Bollywood Stars”

  • And So Much More!

Personal Development

Important personal development tips to help you with your journey ahead

Skills and 

Skills and techniques that can enhance your Bollywood , Bhangra & Indian folk dance routines

Background Knowledge 

Background knowledge about Bollywood that will help you sell your classes


How to develop your career by taking advantage of local and global opportunities

Here’s MORE Good News…

If you decide to join our program today… I will throw in 2 of my exclusive bonus gifts just for you. This bonus is extremely limited and is only available for the first 50 action takers.


Yes, if you decide to join today, you’ll get access to my weekly live Q&A sessions about various topics to help you with any possible obstacles that you may be facing. This will help you put the things you learn to practice and gain invaluable knowledge to get more opportunities to open up to you. With my Q&A sessions, you’ll never feel like you are alone out there… instead, you’ll get tons of opportunities to develop yourself and ask questions to fast track you towards maximum success.

BONUS #2:  1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP ACCESS (WORTH £1,164 - £97/mth)

Next, you’ll get a full year Gold Membership access to all my resources, tips, articles, interviews, and premium content that I release to my students every now and then. In summary, you will be able to gain access to a massive amount of valuable experience and insights that can help you along your journey.

But How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Well, let’s do a quick recap of everything you will get, shall we?

Main Course: Extensive 12-week online program (£2,997)

Bonus #1: Weekly Live Q & A Webinar Sessions and coaching with Honey Kalaria (£2,400)

Bonus #2: Annual membership to gain access to exclusive guest Interviews, tips, advice, articles, podcasts, videos & resources – £1,164 (£97/month)

Bonus #3: Smart dance teacher checklist - £99

Bonus #4: Lifetime access to our private online community with free online Bollywood dance training - £499

Bonus #5: Invitation to become a “Bollywood Dance Success” Global Ambassador and earn generous ongoing passive income – £2,997


Adds Up To A Total Value Of £10,156

But you won’t have to pay anything close to that… in fact, you won’t even have to pay me £2,997 which is the regular price of the entire course outlined above. For today only, the FIRST 50 people will be allowed to join my Bollywood Dance Success program at a HUGE DISCOUNTED price of…

ONLY £1,497

Yes, for that price you get to be trained by the best in the world, get certified, and invited to our inner circle community. You will also get a full year of access to my membership site where you will get complete access to every content that I’ve ever released so far

Plus You Are Protected By My Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I am very confident that my Bollywood Dance Success program will be able to give you everything you need in order to succeed as a Bollywood Dance Teacher. Hence, I am going to go all out and take away all your risks, and put it on me. You can join today and take advantage of all the available content and put them to good use. If by the end of 30 days you are not completely happy with what you received, all you have to do is send us an email for a full refund and we will return all your money with absolutely ZERO questions asked. We can still be friends after.

Here’s A Little Something To Help Those In Need Or Who May Not Be Ready To Join Yet! 

Now quite frankly, the price for my 3-month Bollywood Dance Success course is a bit of a STEAL when you consider how much value you’ll get from the entire package… but I also understand that there will be people who are just starting out and may not be able to take up on my 3 months course.

So for that, I’ll also offer a ‘Special Option’ where you get to join my Gold Membership Program at Only £1 for the first month.

GREAT NEWS - If you are one of our first 1,000 “Power Of Dance” Membership program, you will be able to access the Membership program for as little as £27 per month which is a dead giveaway for the enormous benefits you will receive.

To make things clear, see exactly what you’ll be getting from the Monthly Membership Versus the Complete 3 Month Online Coaching Bollywood Dance Success Program

Gold Membership

Ongoing Monthly Membership For The Global Dance Community

Benefit 1 Bollywood Dance Success Resources Vault – Tips, advice, articles, research, recommended products, useful services & mind body soul development content

Benefit 2 Exclusive guest Interviews, Podcasts & Videos

Benefit 3 Skills you need, to add the wow factor to the Bollywood Art Form

Benefit 4 Bollywood Dance Choreography & Routines

Benefit 5 Step By Step Online Bhangra Dance Training

Benefit 6 Bhangra Dance Choreography & Routines

Benefit 7 Dance Music Tracks Downloads – Can be used for warm ups, teaching classes or general use

Benefit 8  Mini Video Series “Bollywood Opportunities”

Benefit 9Mini Video Series “Working With Bollywood Stars”

Benefit 105 Steps to Bollywood Dance Success webinar presentation – to share and educate others

Benefit 11 Access to join “Meditation Sessions” online for overall wellbeing and spiritual growth

Benefit 12Invitation to join our “Global Bollywood Dance Success Ambassador”affiliate program

Only £1 

(Reduced from £97 per month)

FIRST 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS - Enjoy first month access to Gold Membership site for a token payment of £1, and £27 per month after then (Reduced from £97). Cancel monthly subscription anytime by going into the account and canceling the subscription or by sending us an email.

Join Gold Membership

VIP Membership

3 Months Bollywood Online Training Course for Dance Professionals

IN ADDITION TO ALL BENEFITS of monthly GOLD MEMBERSHIP you will also receive

Benefit 1 Smart Dance Teachers Checklist Download

Benefit 2 3 months week by week online training course for dance professionals

Benefit 3 Weekly Live Q & A sessions and coaching with Honey Kalaria

Benefit 4 Certification of Completion

Benefit 5 Access to Bollywood Dance Teacher Qualification Assessment Opportunity

Only £1,497

(Reduced from £2,997)

FIRST 50 REGISTRATIONS - A 3 Months Bollywood Online Training Course for Dance Professionals with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Don't delay your success. Join our highest value & most popular program completely RISK-FREE! today.

Join VIP Membership

So, There You Have It… All That’s Left For You Right Now Is To Take Massive Action!

Remember, if you are 100% committed to your success and your future, don’t wait on this special offer. Join my Bollywood Dance Success program and start making huge strides towards your goals 3 months from now.

Get certified and start teaching the wonderful Bollywood Dance at your school and attract a constant flow of students the Honey Kalaria way! By the way, your free bonus gift is on it's way to you by email, and we invited you to join our global dance community by following us on our social media platforms.

Choose from the following options

VIP Membership

3 Months Bollywood Online Training Course for Dance Professionals

Only £1,497

(Reduced from £2,997)

Join VIP Membership